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Why Ecofont saves more ink than Century Gothic

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Ink and toner usage of Century Gothic

Why Ecofont saves more ink than Century Gothic
A study by the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, revealed that Century Gothic saves more ink and toner than Ecofont. For Ecofont Vera Sans (the Ecofont version of Vera Sans) this holds true. The university had unfortunately not realised that the Ecofont software can also print in Ecofont Century Gothic (Ecofont version of Century Gothic). Because of the holes, this version of course saves considerably more ink/toner than the regular Century Gothic.

Century Gothic, really the most economical?

When it comes to ink and toner, Century Gothic is justifiably one of the most economical fonts. If we include the amount of paper used however, Century Gothic turns out to be a lot less thrifty. The wide font uses much more paper for the same amount of text than for example Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman.

The best choice
The most optimal solution is clearly to print with the Ecofont software in a narrow font. In this way, you not only save ink and toner, but also paper.

User friendliness
Printing with the Ecofont software is very simple. You can print with the font of your choice using the Ecofont print button from within your trusted programs like Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Fonts used in Printer.com study
Comparison width font in font size 10:

Century Gothic compared to Ecofont Vera Sans

Why was the first Ecofont font based on Vera Sans?

Verdana (and the look-a-like Vera Sans) is one of the most used fonts in the Netherlands. We did not believe that organizations would be quick to switch to a different font. To maximise our reach, we therefore started with the ink-saving version of the most common font. Currently we also offer the even more economical and compact Ecofont Sans typeface.