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Save ink and toner printing with Ecofont

With only one press of the button, Ecofont software saves on ink or toner, a lot of ink and toner. For example, the Ecofont version of Arial can save 28% on printing costs when compared to the original Arial. This calculation is based on a high resolution scan after which the pixels have been counted. With the extra options Ecofont software can even save up to 50%.

Saving on ink has two large consequences:
- Save printing costs
- Unburden the environment

Saving printing Costs
The total costs of a printed page include the write-down on the printer, the paper, the maintenance costs and the price of the ink and toner. The ink and toner represent the largest part of this price by far; the other items only represent a minute fraction of the total costs. If you print with Ecofont software, you’ll be saving faster than you think.
For private individuals this is of course always a good thing. For companies, however, the amount of savings can be astonishingly large. In the business world, the average employee prints around 10,000 pages per year. The combination of ink savings and low licensing costs results in substantial profits through savings.

Unburden the environment
Ink and toner are very poisonous and contain chemicals and heavy metals, which is something which is sadly not as well known as it should be to the public. By saving on ink and toner with Ecofont software, you considerably decrease your environmental load, and as a private person, and even more so as a company, contribute your share of social responsibility in an attractive way. Many companies have already begun decreasing their Environmental Footprint: Ecofont software can help you too!