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Reduce printing costs up to 50% for home and office

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Ecofont software

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Why Ecofont?

An increasing number of organizations see the need to lower costs and move towards a sustainable business. Saving on ink and toner helps in reaching these goals, as printer ink is not only toxic, but also expensive.
Market research shows an increase in printing volume each year and until now, there has been no easy way to save on ink, while maintaining quality.

Greener and cheaper

Ecofont software saves ink and toner by leaving small holes in the letters. These holes are never visible on screen and on paper our brains ignore them. Besides saving on ink, Ecofont software saves paper by printing without unnecessary images, or by printing only a small selection from a long email conversation (richtext). With the extra savings options the total savings can increase up 50%.


Within minutes Ecofont software is installed. Then the Ecofont print button appears in Word and Outlook, which enables environmentally friendly printing with just one click of the mouse. The layout of the document is maintained and the software works with all printer brands.

Worldwide impact

Ecofont software already has an enthusiastic group of users in more than 35 countries, ranging from private users, to professional businesses and organizations (that install the software throught their network or under Citrix). Due to a unique collaboration, Ecofont software supports well-known Microsoft typefaces such as Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Trebuchet and Times New Roman. For companies, we are also able to make an Ecofont variant of their house style font.

Ecofont makes money

A product that is a money saver and environmentally friendly seems too good to be true. However, this is exactly what Ecofont software is. Even if only a portion of the documents is printed with Ecofont, the return on investment is quickly reached. » Calculate your savings

Advantages Ecofont Software

Save up to 50% on ink and toner

Promote environmentally sound behaviour within your organization

No holes on screen, just in your prints

Print without images or in greyscale option

Print a selection, rather than an entire email conversation (richtext)

Works with all printers

Print to .pdf so your readers will print eco-friendly too

Free updates


Ecofont Software

Ecofont Home Edition Home Edition
For home use - Buy now
1 lifetime license, updates included $ 19.95
Ecofont 3-pack 3-pack
For smaller organizations - Buy now
3-pack lifetime license, updates included $ 42.95
Ecofont Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition
For organizations with 30 or more work stations and Windows Domain

Most PC work stations will meet the required specifications for Ecofont Software. A user licence is needed for each work station on which Ecofont is used.


Ecofont Sans - True Type font

Ecofont Sans True Type Ecofont Sans - More info
True Type font for PC and Mac - Request quotation