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US Government could save more with Ecofont Garamond

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US Government could save more with Ecofont Garamond

14 year old Suvir Mirchandani says US Government could save 400 million dollar each year by changing their font into Garamond. These savings could be even more when the government uses Garamond Ecofont.


Garamond Ecofont could save US Government more


Mirchandani began by looking at random samples of teachers' hand-outs, concentrating on some of the most common English letters, e, t, a, o and r. The hand-outs used four common typefaces, Times New Roman, Century Gothic, Comic Sans and Garamond. What he didn't know is that it is possible to save ink and toner by leaving little holes. This makes Garamond an even more economical option. 

"They can't convert everything to a digital format," Suvir told CNN. "Not everyone is able to access information online. Some things still have to be printed." And consumers could save money too if they print out government documents distributed online.

Garamond Ecofont saves even more.