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Ecofont wins European Environmental Design Award

Madrid - Ecofont has received the European Environmental Design Award, an initiative of DiMAD (Asociación Diseñadores de Madrid). With this prize, the organization wishes to reward shining examples of sustainable design. The jury was extremely impressed by the simplicity with which Ecofont could produce considerable environmental savings in our daily lives. Ecofont software ‘shoots' holes in the letters during printing. The result: with only a single click of a button, up to 50% ink savings when printing text. A fantastic way to lighten the burden on the environment and your wallet at the same time.

We don't often stand still and think about this, but ink and toner are some of the most polluting liquids in the world. The production of ink is an especially C02-intensive process and the price of ink per millilitre is matched by that of the most expensive of perfumes! And this is the advantage of using Ecofont software. Without sacrificing user friendliness (‘with a single click of a button') and readability, Ecofont saves you ink and toner in a process which never sleeps all across the globe. The cost of the software license is quickly recouped.

European Environmental Design Award Madrid

"In addition to the benefits to the environment and in terms of costs, it is simply fascinating to see how our brains ignore the holes in the letters while we are reading", says Rick van den Bos from Ecofont. "People who print out a test page via the website are surprised and delighted."
Ecofont software clearly inspires and entices people with the ‘fun factor'. The trio of sustainability, profitability and fun factor is extremely attractive for organizations that wish to implement a good CSR policy. That is why, among others, the Local Authorities of Utrecht have decided to start working with the Ecofont software.

The Ecofont software will be available via www.ecofont.com by summer 2010. Users can choose if they wish to print in an environmentally friendly Ecofont version of one or more of the well-known fonts, such as Arial, Verdana and Calibri. Ecofont versions of corporate typefaces can be added to the software at the customer's request. The software can be used in Microsoft Word and Outlook versions 2003, 2007 and 2010. Later this year more programs will be added to this list.