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Brazilian university about Ecofont

Francisco Carlos Cobaito, Post Graduate in Financial Management
Universidade São Judas-SP, Brazil

Revista Innovare
ISSN: 2175-8247 / 14ª Edition Vol. III / JUL - DEC / 2012

Globalization significantly changes the behavior of companies. Facing tough competition on a global level, they find themselves in a continuous process of searching for alternative ways to secure their competitive position. The ability to maintain and conquer markets doesn't solely depend on the quantity and price of a product. It is necessary to add ecological elements that identify and differentiate the company from its competitors. Therefore, the new challenge in managing organization lies in the the practical application of technological solutions that differentiate a company that is in search of a better environmental balance. In other words, integrating a cheaper production and being environmentally efficient.

This lines up with the purpose of Ecofont: printing responsibly with efficient ink consumption, being good for the environment because it saves ink and reduces pollution, being good for companies because it reduces costs and being good for society because it preserves natural resources for future generations. The effectiveness of the practical application of Ecofont in the organizations observed for this study deserves to be mentioned. They saw a reduction in printing costs, contributed positively to the environment and even reported a noticeable improvement of environmental consciousness amongst their staff.

In the end, this action can be considered a small contribution, but, when replicated widely in the corporate world, these or similar actions can have significant results. In the complicated story of environmental preservation versus economical activity, Ecofont certainly is a step in the right direction.


Universidade São Judas-SP