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Ecofont winner Innovation Top 100

Syntens innovation, Mercedes-Benz and NRC Handelsblad presented for the eighth time the rankings with 100 concrete innovations that the Dutch Small and Medium Businesses realized. The highest quotation was for the ‘green' font Ecofont. Ecofont ensures ink savings while maintaining the quality of the print. The secret is the ‘shooting' of small holes in the letters that our brains can not perceive. It helps save paper and ink up to 50%!

Annually, each employee produces on average 11,000 prints. Although the negative impact of this high paper and ink consumption on the environment is known, there was no solution. Until now! Ecofont ensures ink savings while maintaining the quality of the print. Ecofont offers two products to achieve this ‘green' font: Ecofont software for use in the office and Ecofont Sans for office use, newspapers and magazines. In more than 70 countries, Ecofont has a large number of enthusiastic users, from home users to enterprise customers.

An increasing number of organizations see the need to lower costs and move towards a sustainable business. Saving on ink and toner helps in reaching these goals, as printer ink or toner is not only toxic, but also expensive. Market research shows an increase in printing volume each year and until now, there has been no easy way to save on ink, while maintaining output quality.

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