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Ecofont compatible with all printers

Ecofont Software works with all laser- inkjet and offset printers and printerdrivers. You can even print to .PDF with Adobe PDF printerdriver or the free Bullzip PDF driver.

Some of our customers report that printer/copier vendors discourage the use of Ecofont Software. Some vendors claim that Ecofont Software is not compatible with the printer software. These claims are false. Ecofont Software works entirely within Ms Word and Ms Outlook. Printjobs gerenated with Ecofont are interpreted no other than "normal" print jobs. Would you believe your supplier when they say that Ms Office is not compatible with their machines?

Other vendors say that the environmental impact of toner is not relevant and point towards paper and power usage when refering to sustainable printing. We can only guess to the reason why they try to deflect from the fact that toner is a highly polluting substance and happens to be one of the most expensive in the world.

Do you still doubt that Ecofont is one of the best sustainable solutions for your organization? Contact us for more information and evidence.