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Ecofont saving evidence

Testresults for Ecofont Arial 12pts show ink and toner savings of 28%. With the extra savings options you can even save up to 50% and paper too. This includes:

Printing without unnecessary (background)images or in greyscale

Printing only a selection, not entire email conversations (richtext)

Printing text and tables in greyscale


You can measure ink and toner saving

The coverage of a printed document can be analyzed with software (Apfill). Print a page, for example with Arial and then print the same text with Ecofont Arial. Scan both documents at a high resolution (minimum of 300dpi) and analyze the coverage of both documents for savings evidence.
The test result is a toner saving of 28.1% (tested for Arial and Ecofont Arial 12pts).

You can weigh ink and toner saving

The toner consumption can be measured by weighing the cartridge before and after printing. This method requires a very precise scale. A test performed with 200 printed pages (A4 Office paper 80 g/m2) in Arial and Ecofont Arial 12pts on a Samsung CLX 6220 FX printer with driver PCL5CE 5.97 showed toner savings of 28.6%.

Weight start Weight end Toner used
Arial 12pts 1137.5 g 1122.1 g 15.4 g
Ecofont Arial 12pts 1122.1 g 1111.1 g 11.0 g


You can see ink and toner saving

When you print you can hardly see the holes, but the enlarged scan makes the savings clearly visible.



Ecofont Arial

Ecofont Arial