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Why is not all text printed with Ecofonts?

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Printing Ecofonts

Which Ecofonts are installed?
Ecofont Home and Small Business Edition natively support the Standard Font Collection. You buy these Ecofonts with your license. Check which Ecofonts are available in your Ecofont software by clicking Settings > Font tab.

Outside Ecofont pointrange?
Every Ecofont is configured to be printed only within a certain pointrange. This is to prevent the holes becoming visible in large sized document headers. By default the pointrange is configured from 8 - 12 points, but in the Settings > Font tab you can configure the pointrange for every Ecofont independently.

To save even more ink and toner Ecofont Software has an option in Settings to print only the selected part of your Word document or Richtext email. If you have selected nothing the complete document is printed. You can disable this functionality by clicking on the Settings button and deselecting the option 'Print only selected'.