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I don't see any Ecofont buttons after installation.

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Ecofont software

No print buttons in Ms Word and Ms Outlook

Ms Office 2007 and 2010 All versions
  Ms Office 2003 Professional
Ecofont print buttons   Ecofont print buttons

Did you restart your computer?
If you see no Ecofont buttons, try to restart your computer first and check if the buttons appear now.

Add-in disabled or set inactive?
Did you check whether the Ecofont Software is disabled in Ms Office?
Ms Office 2003
Ms Office 2007
Ms Office 2010
Ms Office 2013
Ms Office 2016

Ecofont in Toolbar?
Are the Ecofont buttons selected to be shown on the Ms Word Toolbar? See how

Ms Office 2003 and securitysettings set to high?
Security levels for macros and add-ins can be set to high which prevents the add-in to work. See how to change these settings

All Windows updates installed?
Especially Windows update KB907417 is important for Ms Office 2003.

Ms Word and Ms Outlook closed during installation?
Did you not run Ms Word or Ms Outlook during installation? If you did, Install again

Administrator rights?

Did you install the software with administrator rights? If not, Install again

Installationfile(s) unzipped locally?
Did you unzip the EcofontSetup.zip file before installing? If not, Install again

EcofontData.zip in the same folder (only Enterprise version)?
Did you have the unzipped EcofontSetup.msi AND the EcofontData.zip in the same folder when installing the full version (demoversions only have the EcofontSetup.msi)? If not, Install again.

Ms Office 2003 Professional?
Are you not using Ms Office 2003 Standard, Small Business or Student edition? Only the Professional edition of Ms 2003 is currently supported.