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What are the requirements for installing the Ecofont Software?

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Ecofont software

Software Requirements

Work station
Most work stations will meet the required specifications for Ecofont Software:

Processor speed Windows XP 0.8 GHz
  Windows Vista 1.0 Ghz
  Windows 7 1.0 Ghz
Windows 8 1.0 Ghz
Windows 10 1.0 Ghz
Harddisk free space 80 Mb  
Memory Windows Xp 512 Mb
  Windows Vista 1 Gb
  Windows 7 1 Gb
Windows 8 1 Gb
Windows 10 1 Gb
Minimum resolution 1024 x 768 pixels  
Ms Office versions Ms Office 2003 Professional
  Ms Office 2007 All versions
  Ms Office 2010 All versions
Ms Office 2013 All versions
Ms Office 2016 All versions
Ms Office programs Ms Word
Ms Outlook
Fonts Home and Small Business version support Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Times New Roman and Trebuchet MS if the original fonts are installed. Enterprise version supports fonts on request.
Other .NET Framework 2.0
  Administrator rights

Windows updates and .NET
All Windows OS, Ms Office updates and the .NET Framework must have been installed. If .NET is not installed the Ecofont installer wil guide you through an installation of .NET, except for Windows 10. In Windows 10 you can enable .NET 2.0 by going to Config Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on or off. Here you can check '.NET Framework 3.5 (including .NET 2.0 and 3.0)' to enable before installation.
Download .NET Framework

Installation files
Place the EcofontSetup.zip archive in temporary folder on your local harddisk and unzip the content to an installation directory.