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Ecofont help section

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below you can send us a support request.


  1. What is the evidence for the ink / toner saving?
  2. Why is Ecofont better than draft mode?
  3. Does Century Gothic save more than Ecofont? 
  4. Does Ecofont help to reduce paper usage?  
  5. Does Ecofont make sense when I have a pay-per-page contract?

Compatibility and system requirements

  1. Is Ecofont compatible Mac Os, Windows and any Ms Office version?
  2. Is Ecofont Software compatible with all printers and printerdrivers?
  3. How do I know all Windows Updates are installed?


  1. I receive an installation error message
  2. I receive a .Net Framework warning when installing
  3. I receive a message that my license is not valid (anymore)
  4. I do not see any Ecofont buttons at all
  5. I see Ecofont buttons in Ms Word, but not in Ms Outlook
  6. I do not see a Settings button
  7. I do not see any Ecofonts in the fontlist
  8. How can I deinstall Ecofont software


  1. Why is not all text printed in Ecofonts?
  2. Can I print with Ecofont in another font than Arial?
  3. I want to choose my printer and settings with a dialog
  4. Why is colored text printed in black?
  5. I cannot print some documents with Ecofont print button
  6. Can I print to .PDF in Ecofont(s)?
  7. An error message shows when printing Advanced
  8. Why is only part of my document printed? 
  9. I do not want headers to be printed with holes


  1. Can I receive a trial version of the Ecofont Software?
  2. For what period can I use the Ecofont software? 
  3. Are updates included in the license?
  4. What is the Standard Font Collection?
  5. How can I get a license for Ecofont Software?
  6. How can I transfer my license to another computer?
  7. How can I become reseller of Ecofont Software?

If your question is not answered above you can send us a support request.