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Printing sustainably

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Suggestions for green printing

End users

  • Only print when necessary and use a modern, efficient printer and unbleached paper.
  • Print double-sided (automatic duplex) or print Ecofont in combination with draft mode.
  • A printer sends a signal when the cartridge is almost empty. It does this on the basis of the number of prints, not on the basis of the actual ink or toner level. So keep using your cartridge until your prints are (almost) no longer legible.
  • New corporate typeface? Choose a narrow, thin letter for your corporate typeface.
  • If you throw away most of your prints the same day you print them, you can use the temporary ink made by Xerox. After 24 hours, the printed text disappears and you can reuse the paper.

Graphic designers

  • Use modern colour separation techniques to prevent wasting ink while printing.
  • When choosing your paper, don’t only think about what it looks like.

(Offset) printers

  • Avoid modern laser techniques which make it impossible to later separate the ink from the paper.
  • Keep track of modern developments, such as natural plant dyes and inks.

Printer manufacturers

  • Invest in environmentally aware innovation.