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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ecofont software and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) go hand in hand. CSR is characterised by the 3 P’s of sustainable business: People, Planet and Profit. Ecofont is all three of these, through and through.

CSR: the P in People
Ecofont makes environmentally friendly printing and saving costs easy and fun for everyone. In addition to the environmental and cost benefits, it is simply fascinating to see how our brains ignore the holes in the letters while we are reading. People who print out a test page are surprised and delighted. Ecofont software clearly inspires people while enticing them with the ‘fun factor’. Via the Ecofont software, sustainability and cost savings manage to work their way into the daily lives of millions of computer users.

CSR: the P in Planet
One doesn’t often stand still and think about this, but ink and toner are some of the most polluting liquids in the world. Ink and toner are very poisonous and contain chemicals and heavy metals. Ecofont fits well into any company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy because of the help it offers to the environment by decreasing your Environmental Footprint.
What’s more, by using Ecofont you can increase the environmental awareness of your employees. Not only with your own employees, but also with your other stakeholders (clients, suppliers, interest groups, etc). By purchasing Ecofont licenses, you gain the right to use the protected Ecofont certification and logo in your corporate and marketing communications.

CSR: the P in Profit
The price of ink per millilitre is matched by that of the most expensive of perfumes! Yet another advantage of using Ecofont software. Without sacrificing user friendliness (‘with a single press of a button’) and readability, Ecofont saves you ink and toner in a process which never sleeps all across the globe. The cost of the software license is quickly recouped, in short, a high Return On Investment (ROI).

Ecofont software is good for People, Planet and Profit and can play a central role in your corporate CSR policy.

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